Hey all,

The 2019.1 update for PicaVoxel is now live on the Asset Store. The update includes a lot of fixes and optimisations from the past year, as well as:

  • LWRP Shader

A single LWRP shader + material to get you started with PicaVoxel on the LWRP. The shader is built with shadergraph and so is fully editable. I haven't tried HDRP yet, but I imagine that the graph will also convert over to HDRP no problem, and can also be built upon to support emission, transparency and all the other features from the Standard pipeline shaders. If you have a particular request for a LWRP shader and can't build it yourself with Shadergraph, let me know.

  • Updated standard shaders with Linear colorspace support

The PBR shaders for the standard pipeline now have a toggle for gamma->linear colorspace conversion. If you're working in linear colorspace, simply switch the toggle on to bring the vertex colors into the correct range.

The PBR shaders are built with Amplify's Shader Editor, so you can edit the shaders yourself if you have access to ASE.

  • Initial support for the new prefab workflow

The new nested prefab workflow kinda messed up a lot of PicaVoxel's editing tools when working with new style prefabs. I've done some work to begin supporting the workflow, including restricting the editing tools to the prefab stage when working with a PicaVoxel volume as part of a prefab.

I'm not all that familiar with the new prefab workflow, so please let me know if you run into issues when working with volume prefabs, or if something doesn't behave as it should with the prefab workflow. Please include reproduction steps when reaching out.

  • Export volumes to MagicaVoxel and Qubicle (.vox and .qb)

I always recommend working with an external editor when creating models to use with PicaVoxel and using the PicaVoxel import tools to bring them into Unity. However, if you do make changes in PicaVoxel (using the editing tools or maybe procedural generation scripts) which you then need to bring back out to your external editor, you can now do it! The export buttons are right there in the Volume inspector.

MagicaVoxel export supports animation frames (for MagicaVoxel 0.98). The Qubicle exporter only exports to .qb currently (not .qbt)

As always, I can be reached via email: support@picavoxel.com, or create a topic here.