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Azaphrael posted this 25 November 2015

Hey there, Gareth.

I know this doesn't belong here, but I've sent you e-mails regarding PicaVoxel and not recieved an answer yet. I fear they might have been caught by your spam filter. Could you be so kind and check?

Regards, Alex

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GarethIW posted this 27 November 2015

Alex's issue was resolved via email.

I will add that I do use a webmail client and it has aggressive spam filters on it that does unfortunately mean that some messages slip through the cracks. If you're emailing, please include "PicaVoxel" in the topic to increase the chance of my email rules saving it from junk!

If I don't reply to an email within 48 hours, either post here (I get email notifications of new forum posts) or give me a nudge on Twitter.

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