Color picker goes wrong + ghost blocks

portapipe posted this 06 May 2016

Hi! Two weird bugs. If you choose the color picker and try to pick the color of the block you're on, the color picker take the red-selection color...

PLUS I've create a brush and I've used in a frame. The frame I've used to create the brush now has a ghost group of blocks. With "ghost" I mean that they are not selectable (and no way to delete them) but they are considerate as shapes. This thing corrupt the animation, and now I have 10 frames in the hierarchy panel but 1/1 in the PV animation box. Now I'm going to re-design everything but is not the first time these things happened to me.

Hope this will be helpful to help you fix them.

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GarethIW posted this 06 May 2016

Did you get any errors in the console when any of this was happening? If you try clicking on the Refresh Chunks button, does that rebuild the volume as you expect it to look?

I'm not sure what would cause you to have several frames in the hierarchy and only 1 frame in the animation, but you can delete the extra frames from the hierarchy. If those frames have information that you need, then I may be able to rebuild the animation for you if you send me your project.

I'm not going to lie, the editing tools need a bit of a re-work. Most of them are fine, but the brush tools have always been problematic. That's a big chunk of work and unfortunately I don't have time for that right now as I'm getting a game ready to exhibit this summer. (Note: that doesn't mean I have abandoned or am not supporting PicaVoxel, it's just that I can't spend the several weeks that an editing tool rebuild needs right now)

If you're finding that building animations using PicaVoxel is problematic, what I would suggest is considering using an external editor to build your frames (with MagicaVoxel or VoxelShop, exporting as .vox) and then importing them with PicaVoxel. There's a step-by-step in the manual for building animations by importing single frames from .vox files. You can then just use the PicaVoxel editing tools for small changes.

It's a bit of extra work, but it does mean that you are not relying on the Unity scene serialization to store your voxel models - you will always have them as an external file if things go wrong - much like building 3D models externally.

portapipe posted this 06 May 2016

Ok, no more brushes :) I choose your plugin because of the animation and because I can create stuff directly into the game, and because my game is a voxel-based game so it save me some time. I honestly didn't click on the rebuild button, I really didn't think about doing it, but the animation was corrupted so... now I remade the animation and there are some frames I've deleted. Not a big issue but it should take some memory over the time. I've tried to delete the frame in the first corrupted animation but the main object doesn't show me anything, even if I activate a frame manually. Very very odd. There was an error about the third parameter or something like that but with a Unity restart everything was fine.

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