Decided to extend the framework to have textured voxels.

jblamber posted this 23 June 2015

Hiya folks.

First thanks for the great asset - I had been meaning to pick this up after I saw you mention you were going to put this for sale. Initially I thought i would be totally fine with only doing the vertex colors, but then I decided to extend the framework to use atlas-ed textures too. It really wasn't much work, only a couple hours since you had everything in place already. I'm putting it to use in a procedural world generator for a game Idea I have.

All it took was some changes to chunk generation and a new shader.

Thought you all might like to see the results:

Thanks again for the great framework!

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GarethIW posted this 23 June 2015

Looks great! Out of interest, are you using colours or values to assign block types? Does it work with greedy meshing? Are you going all-out and implementing an infinite proc-gen world like minecraft?

jblamber posted this 23 June 2015

Colors, I didn't want to push more into the shader right now, but adding a second uv set or something would be good to denote the face (because right now it renders the same texture on every face).

It does work with greedy (just had to scale uv's according to size) but didnt test it with the commented out marching cubes.

ecutruin posted this 06 July 2015

Are you willing to share the source for doing this? From the look of it, you seem to be able to have textured and solid color voxel volumes at the same time and that is definitely something I'd be interested in playing around with.

jblamber posted this 05 January 2016

Hi there. Sorry, since this isn't an open source framework, I wont be sharing source. The original is copywrited. I'm not against contributing back to the trunk, but I made some pretty heavy changes and optimizations.

  • Added a type system to voxel
  • Added multi material system (e.g allows transparent and opaque voxels in the same volume)
  • Added fixed/texturing
  • Wrote a shader for toon shading
  • Optimized search functions, and used delegates to allow passing in modification lamdas to search radius.
  • Optimized editor UI framerate

You can see more here:

Since its all based on an earlier version of the framework (havent checked the latest diffs) it could be a ton of work to back port it. Might not be worth the time.

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