ECS and Job System implementation?

Devwulf posted this 21 June 2018

Hello! Will you be updating Picavoxel to implement the new ECS and Job System features in Unity 2018? Seems like this asset would benefit greatly from these new features.

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GarethIW posted this 21 June 2018

So yeah, I've been investigating this a little. Currently I don't see a way of implementing any part of PicaVoxel in ECS.

ECS and Jobs are really all about small calculations running on thousands of entities, which isn't really what PicaVoxel does. Aside from the particle system, there's not multiples of entities or necessarily thousands of calculations being done every frame. So I don't see a fit for it right now.

That said, I'm very interested and I'm keeping my eye on how ECS develops. Once the standard Unity gameobjects start being replaced with component versions, and things like updating meshes becomes threaded we could see some real enhancements for voxel stuff.

It would involve a complete rewrite of PicaVoxel, so I would also have to decide if I could commit that much time to it!

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