Exploding from inspector in scene unable to reverse?

qcha0s posted this 16 August 2016

I have a weird problem ... a few actually, but the one thats got me stumped is that if I "explode" a volume in the inspector it stays exploded in the scene and the game (visibly) but I can still re-explode the invisible volume in game.

I also have the volumes disappearing (alternately) ... See the quick cast and let me know what i've done wrong


Thanks in advance! R

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GarethIW posted this 16 August 2016

Thanks for the video, that helps visualise what's going on!

I'm not sure why the platforms that are set to runtime-only don't appear when the scene loads, I'm pretty sure they should do from what I can tell in the video.

Either way, You're running into a problem that occurs when you duplicate (cmd+D), copy (cmd+C cmd+V), or instantiate a prefab of a volume at edit-time. For backstory on this read this thread.

The workaround I created in the last patch means that whenever you copy a volume or create an instance of a prefab (at edit-time only) you need to hit the "New Mesh Asset Instance" button at the bottom of the Volume's inspector.

You should find if you do that for all the volumes you have copied or instantiated, things will be fixed.

With regards to the exploder, any explosions you do outside of Play will not carry over into play correctly. This is intended behaviour, but it does mean that the meshes in the editor will be slightly messed up. You can click Refresh Chunks to fix the meshes at edit time.

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qcha0s posted this 16 August 2016


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