Feature Request: edit voxel runtime

commandalive posted this 19 August 2016

i am working on a voxel based game that allowed players custom their character and level. i have tried a lot of plugins, but all available in unity editor only. it would be awesome if you add an ability for runtime editing.

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GarethIW posted this 19 August 2016


I won't be doing an in-game editor as part of PicaVoxel. My reason is probably the same as any of the other voxel packages: you can't make a "one size fits all" generic editor that will work for everybody's game. All games are different: different art styles, different UI, different control methods, different constraints on the type of models you want players to be able to make.

So I'm afraid you will need to get your hands dirty, which I understand is a problem if you're more of a designer than a programmer. The good news is that several PicaVoxel users have done this successfully, and there's enough code in the PicaVoxel demos and the editor scripts for you to draw from.

There's also a few topics here already that will help with parts of the problem:




And of course if you have any specific questions I am more than happy to answer them here.

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