Hi all,

I've updated the MagicaVoxel importer for PicaVoxel to support the fantastic new animation stuff in 0.98.

You'll need to do a manual replace of the code in MagicaVoxelImporter.cs with the code from the following Gist:


I'm not sure when this will appear as an asset store patch as I'm still full-steam ahead on development of my game/doing expos/getting a Greenlight together etc. I know a patch will be required for Unity 5.5, so probably around then!

As an aside, I've also noticed that MagicaVoxel materials are now exported with the .vox, but I have no plans to support them currently as there is no direct correlation between the Unity engine and the MagicaVoxel raytracer. I might be able to include some kind of support for splitting into multiple volumes based on material in the future, which would at least allow for different materials/shaders to be used for the different parts of the volume. Just ideas for now.