So I've been testing out some of the base MagicaVoxel models using PicaVoxel, and while they import without fuss, I do seem to be getting weird coloring issues:

enter image description here

Note that in the actual model, the hair is all one color of blue. But in Unity/PicaVoxel, we see a multitude of colors, not to mention "ridges" near the edges of the voxels.

Is there a way to get them all to display as one color? Is there an irregularity in the .vox import?

Edit: I just tried it with a .QB file as well, and a similar issue shows up on the deer.

Edit 2: NEVER MIND! Haha, I found out it was the self-shading feature on the voxel matrix. I'm an idiot!

I'll leave this up in case it helps anybody else out who runs into the same problem. Just change the self-shading intensity to 0!

Last edited 29 April 2015