Marching cubes implementation

SimonO posted this 21 September 2015


Have been evaluating PicaVoxel (having purchased on the Asset Store) and its looking great. I had a question around the marching cubes implementation - I'm getting quite a different result from MagicaVoxel rendering (as in the screenshot below).

Standard cube rendering works fine, but it seems like MagicaVoxel implements the Marching Cubes "within" the voxel whereas the PicaVoxel implements "between" voxels so is thicker. Is it possible for the implementation to match MagicaVoxel? (would be great for creating arches as below). Possibly as an alternate rendering option?

Thanks, Simon enter image description here

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GarethIW posted this 21 September 2015

Hi Simon,

Thanks for trying PicaVoxel.

Yeah, that's not looking quite right is it? I'll have to go back to the drawing board I'm afraid, so I doubt I'll have a super-quick fix for this one.

SimonO posted this 22 September 2015

Hey Gareth,

Thanks for getting back to me - I actually got this working ok just by creating a modified "GenerateMarching" that subsamples voxels (like in the image below on the left).

Happy to send over the modified source if its of interest.


enter image description here

GarethIW posted this 22 September 2015

That's great! I'd love to see the code - I had a cursory glance over it but didn't make any headway.

SimonO posted this 22 September 2015

Cool - just sent you a DM

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