MeshStore cleaning

Tommy posted this 15 September 2015

Hi Gareth,

I was going through your code because the MeshStore folder contained over 3200 entries of which most were empty. I noticed you commented out the CleanUpMeshStorage function because it only works for the current active scene?

Is it safe to loop over all the directories, see if there are any files in them, if not delete the corresponding folder recursively? I've been using PicaVoxel for some time now and I was able to remove over 2000 folders this way.

Thanks, -Tom

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GarethIW posted this 15 September 2015

Hi Tom,

Yeah, removing empty folders is fine. The 1.4 update will massively cut down on saved meshes and empty folders.

Also, if you're only using PicaVoxel volumes in a single scene, you could un-comment out the cleaning function and use it.

You could also safely just delete the entire MeshStore folder and go through your scene refreshing the chunks on all the current volumes.


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