PicaVoxel 1.0.0 submitted to Asset Store!

GarethIW posted this 09 February 2015

The first release of PicaVoxel has been submitted to the Unity Asset Store, pending approval. I'll let you know once it is live!

I was planning to offer an "introductory" or "starter" price for PicaVoxel, but upon advisement I've decided not to go down that route. PicaVoxel will be released at its full price of $25/~€22/~£16.50. I'll be making PicaVoxel eligible for Asset Store sales as often as possible.

While waiting for Asset Store approval, I'll be working on a series of tutorial/overview videos that will all be available here.

Welcome to the PicaVoxel community!

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tokyodan posted this 10 February 2015

I think I may need this for my next game.

GarethIW posted this 18 February 2015

Now Live!


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