PicaVoxel Version History (current: 1.4.8)

GarethIW posted this 18 February 2015

15 Jul 2017 1.4.8

  • IMPROVEMENT: Unity 2017.1 support
  • IMPROVEMENT: All scripts updated to latest Unity API
  • IMPROVEMENT: Several garbage-producing methods now produce less garbage.
  • FIX: Added animation tools to Volume inspector as it was invisible in the scene view on high-DPI displays
  • FIX: Updated all shaders for all platforms

01 Dec 2016 1.4.7

  • FEATURE: MagicaVoxel import supports animation frames (new in MagicaVoxel 0.98)
  • FEATURE: Experimental “Terrain Generator” added. This is just for fun – you still can’t use PicaVoxel to make Minecraft!
  • IMPROVEMENT: Unity 5.5 support!
  • IMPROVEMENT: Lots of small performance updates.
  • FIX: Updated PBR shaders for Unity 5.5
  • FIX: Mouse cursor offset in Retina/Hi-res editor display mode
  • FIX: PBR transparent shader depthbuffer issues

30 May 2016 1.4.6

  • FIX: Voxels become black when destroyed and reconstructed
  • FIX: UWP/Windows Phone platform not building
  • FIX: Voxel array corruption due to backwards-compatibility with alpha byte under certain conditions
  • FIX: Mesh store should no longer produce new empty folders on build/scene load
  • FIX: Shaders updated for WebGL compatibility
  • IMPROVEMENT: Button to create a new mesh instance after duplicating a volume
  • IMPROVEMENT: Frame update overhead reduced (suggested by BlueCandleGames).
  • FEATURE: Volume.GetVoxelAtArrayPosition() added

09 Dec 2015: 1.4.5

PLEASE NOTE: PicaVoxel 1.4.5 requires Unity 5.2 or 5.3

  • IMPROVEMENT: WebGL (HTML5) build compatibility
  • IMPROVEMENT: You can now select a layer for chunks (instead of inheriting from parent Volume)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Shadow cast/receive and Physic Material options for generated chunk meshes
  • IMPROVEMENT: Correct label coloring for Pro editor skin
  • IMPROVEMENT: Slightly better marching cubes algorithm
  • FEATURE: New unlit shader
  • FIX: Unity 5.3 compatibility (must download using Unity 5.3)
  • FIX: Issue with using color picker before any other tool
  • FIX: PBR shader platform compatibility
  • FIX: Missing PBR shader tint parameter
  • FIX: PicaDerby demo should now work again

12 Sep 2015: 1.4.0

PLEASE NOTE: PicaVoxel 1.4.0 requires Unity 5.1+ I can no longer support Unity 4, but PicaVoxel version 1.3 remains available on the Asset Store for unity 4 users.

  • FEATURE: Voxel state now uses an enum with three statuses: Inactive, Active, and Hidden. When voxels are destroyed at runtime, their state gets set to Hidden. Rebuild() method on Volume/Frame restores the destroyed voxels.
  • FEATURE: Marching cubes meshing mode. Looks like the Marching rendering mode in MagicaVoxel.
  • FEATURE: Customizable chunk size per volume, with non-cubic sizes supported up to 16 * 16 * 16 voxels.
  • FEATURE: Mesh Scanner. Convert a 3D model to a PicaVoxel volume.
  • FEATURE: Image import. Convert a PNG or JPG image to a voxel volume, with alpha cutout (or custom colour cutout) and optional z-depth setting.
  • FEATURE: Re-import from MagicaVoxel or Qubicle. You can now click a single button to refresh PicaVoxel volumes that were imported from Magica or Qubicle.
  • FEATURE/IMPROVEMENT: Face Overlap setting. Use a face overlap value of around 0.0001 to eliminate the ugly artefacting that can sometimes be seen between mesh seams, especially in Greedy meshing mode.
  • FEATURE/IMPROVEMENT: New Unity 5 PBR shaders. Upgaded versions of normal/transparent shaders plus a shader that supports emissive (“glow-in-the-dark”) voxels, and a Mosaic shader that is similar to MagicaVoxel’s “Rounded Grids” render shape.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Alpha-value propagation. The alpha values of colours you choose in edit mode now correctly propagate to mesh vertex colours. This allows the alpha value to be used in shaders. See the OneMinus Alpha Emissive shader for a use case.
  • FIX: Added randomisation to Volume.Destruct() particle emission.
  • FIX: PicaDerby demo now “works” on Unity 5. “Works” because I still can’t fathom wheelcollider physics, but it’s at least functional!
  • FIX: Transform tools now hidden when in edit mode – no more accidentally moving the volume when trying to paint!
  • FIX: Meshcolliders not updating correctly after destruction.
  • FIX: Copying/duplicating a Volume now works correctly and no longer shares meshes.
  • FIX: Unnecessary chunk updating caused Unity to re-import meshes on scene save.

08 Jun 2015: 1.3.0

  • FEATURE: Now using vertex shadowing for a MagicaVoxel-like AO effect. Use the self-shading slider to increase intensity or set to 0 to turn off the effect.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Remove 64^3 voxel volume size soft limit, and optimised editing tools to be faster when working with larger volumes. Note that this does not suddenly mean that you'll be able to make massive landscapes or whatever - we're still limited by the Unity mesh system and editor API!
  • IMPROVEMENT: Magica and Qubicle imports no longer create multi-part volumes.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Optimised calculation speed of explosions.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved the undo situation somewhat, although this is still limited by the editor API and requires a complete redraw of all chunks which may take a long time with larger volumes.
  • FIX: Instantiating a prefab that has PicaVoxel volumes on it that are not runtime-only meshes will no longer cause mesh generation.
  • FIX: Crash on OpenGL ES platforms when a chunk had 0 active voxels. This has since been patched by Unity (zero-vert meshes caused crash).
  • FIX: Importing .qb failed if a Qubicle matrix was >64 voxels in any dimension.
  • FIX: GetFiles() throws error on webplayer platform.

05 May 2015: 1.2.5

  • FIX: Having a volume with a chunk with no voxels in it could possibly cause a crash on some OpenGL platforms.
  • IMPROVEMENT: PicaVoxel now creates Mesh assets for all chunks on all animation frames on all volumes. This means that you can now add PicaVoxel objects to prefabs correctly, as either full Volumes or Mesh-Only Copies.
  • FEATURE: Mesh Compression setting exposed in Volume inspector.
  • FEATURE: Magica/Qubicle import will use filename (minus extension) as GameObject name if the name isn’t changed in the import window.
  • FEATURE: Updated manual with changes from 1.0.0 to 1.2.5.

16 Apr 2015: 1.2.1

  • FIX: UnityEditor reference in Chunk.cs caused error on standalone build. Encase in #if UNITY_EDITOR to fix in the meantime.

20 Mar 2015: 1.2.0

  • FIX: Unity 5 API upgrades. All scripts now Unity 5 compatible.
  • FIX: Prefab connection breaks if PicaVoxel volume used as part of a prefab. (Note: this is not a fix for adding Mesh-Only copies to a prefab, looking at that for 1.3!)
  • FIX: Chunk rebuild loses layer (Chunk layer is now set to parent volume’s layer)
  • FIX: Clicks pass through voxel editor UI.
  • FIX: Meshes generated on awake even if Runtime-Only Mesh is disabled.
  • FEATURE: Multi-part Volume inspector tools
  • FEATURE: Move animation frames forward/backward.
  • FEATURE: Animation frame copying (helpful for importing multiple frames from Magica/QBC)
  • FEATURE: Select box tools (Fill, Clear, Nudge)
  • FEATURE: Allow separate mesh generation methods for collider/render (currently edit-time only)
  • Lots of minor scripting enhancements and optimisations.

18 Feb 2015: 1.1.0

  • FIX: Error when turning off Runtime-Only Mesh
  • FIX: Intermittent gizmos error when using “Draw Grid” and “Draw Wireframe” toggles
  • FIX: Not compatible with Windows Store platform.
  • FEATURE: Meshing Mode toggle – Culled or Greedy (default Greedy). Implemented because under some circumstances Culled meshing is faster than Greedy, which can help when updating frequently during runtime. This of course at the cost of extra triangles.
  • FEATURE: Constructor and Destructor utility scripts. See new ConstructorDestructor demo for example. Tutorial video and manual entries to follow.
  • FEATURE: Brush painting “Replace” toggle. Normal brush painting behaviour is to attach to faces (same as adding single voxels). Replace toggle lets you paint the brush at its anchor over an existing voxel.
  • FEATURE: All Frames editing propagation. Changes made to one animation frame will be made to all frames whilst this option is toggled. Includes single + box voxel add, subtract and paint as well as brush add, subtract and paint.

09 Feb 2015: 1.0.0 (First Release)

  • Original release

You can see the current status of PicaVoxel development on the PicaVoxel Trello board. If you're a PicaVoxel user and need access to a new release before it gets through Asset Store approval, email support@picavoxel.com with your invoice number.

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GarethIW posted this 07 April 2015

Just submitted version 1.2 to the asset store.

My apologies for taking so long with that. March was a hella busy month for me with the day job and a couple of trips to various conferences and expos. I also gave myself some much-needed time away from the PC over our extended UK Easter break. I guess technically I promised 1-2 months for major releases, so I'm still within target!

Thanks to everyone that has bought PicaVoxel and especially those of you that have emailed me with feedback and ideas. While I can't promise I'll implement everything you ask for, I'll certainly do my best. Also, I'm still playing catch-up here; most of the 1.2 changes are requests and bug reports from February!

With that said, I'm now looking at the to-do for version 1.3. From all the feedback, there are a couple of things that stand out as "most wanted" features/suggestions. So for 1.3, I'll be focusing on only the following (bug fixes notwithstanding):

  • Better Mesh generation. The main points here are a) to get closer to the MagicaVoxel "look" by implementing vertex shading; and b) to see if I can fix/work around the damn seam issues with greedy meshing. If I can, I'll also see if I can get Marching cubes working as well (I'm currently halfway there)
  • Optimising voxel destruction/manipulation on mobile. My aim will be to use the PicaInvaders demo and attempt to get it running smoothly on my iPad mini 2.
  • Fix the issues with creating Mesh Only copies of PicaVoxel volumes, which are then added to a prefab. Because Unity does not serialize procedurally-generated meshes, you can't add them to a prefab without first creating a full asset in the asset library. It should be possible to get this working.

Keep in mind that I'm working within the limitations of Unity here, so I can't promise I'll fix everything or get things running at full speed on mobile devices, but I'll do my best.

Oh, one last note: the PicaDerby demo currently doesn't work in Unity 5. The new PhysX Wheelcollider completely breaks the demo. I spent an afternoon trying to fix it, but didn't want to spend longer and delay the release more. It seems that attaching a rigidbody and then altering/removing meshes that "belong" to that rigidbody cause the attached Wheelcolliders to collapse. I'll save that work for another day!

Last edited 07 April 2015

GarethIW posted this 08 June 2015

1.3 has been submitted to the Asset Store. See the original post for change list.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has purchased PicaVoxel and are using it to create awesome things! You keep me inspired to carry on working with the extension, and while I can't promise to add everything that gets suggested to me, I'll do my best to work in what I can where it fits in with the overall plan for PicaVoxel.

I'm going to be taking some time over the summer to work on my own game, so I'm sure I'll get some more ideas from actually using PicaVoxel in a fully-fledged game.

As always, hit me up here or via email at support@picavoxel.com if you need help with anything.

GarethIW posted this 13 September 2015

1.4 has been submitted to the asset store and WOW is it a bumper update! Check out the updated manual for more information on some of these new features:

Marching Cubes Meshing

Sunny Islands

Emissive and Mosaic shaders

Emissive1 enter image description here

Convert 3D model (mesh) to voxels

enter image description here enter image description here

Import image as voxels

enter image description here

(That's my friend, Matt)

Face Overlap to eliminate mesh seam artefacts

enter image description here

And a bunch more exciting stuff. See the original post for the full 1.4.0 changeset.

I'm currently thinking about how to implement texturing into PicaVoxel for 1.5. If you have any ideas or preferences on how you'd like to use texturing with PicaVoxel, please contact me at support@picavoxel.com.

GarethIW posted this 09 December 2015

Version 1.4.5 has been submitted to the asset store. It's mostly a collection of fixes for bugs that have cropped up since 1.4.0, along with a couple of small improvements.

There are two packages on their way to the asset store, one for Unity 5.2 and one for Unity 5.3. This is due to API changes in the particle system in 5.3. Note that Unity versions less than 5.2 will not receive the 1.4.5 update.

GarethIW posted this 30 May 2016

Version 1.4.6 submitted!

It's a rollup patch that fixes a number of issues since 1.4.5 including the problem with mesh asset duplication.

The package for 1.4.6 has only been submitted for Unity 5.3.0 and above.

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