Prefab Breaking on Re-Import of .VOX file (Unity 2019)

ryangreen8 posted this 25 May 2019

Hi There,

I'm trying to set up an asset pipeline for my project.

I'm using magicavoxel for creating assets. I export a .vox file from magicavoxel and then import them as a volume into Unity. I convert the Volume to a prefab and then duplicate the prefab.

When I open the prefab and re-import the .vox file, the prefab shows the updated .vox data.

However, when I return to the scene, the mesh in the Chunk (0,0,0) is missing on the prefab instance in the scene (even though it's not missing in the prefab)

I double checked, and my prefab does not have any overrides.

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GarethIW posted this 25 May 2019

Yep, I can confirm this seems to be completely broken, and I don't have a workaround for it.

This has spurred me on to spend this weekend putting a patch together for 2019. I'm not confident in getting PicaVoxel working with the new prefab system as there seem to be a lot of complaints from asset creators over on the Unity prefab system subforum. But I'll see what I can do.

GarethIW posted this 25 May 2019

I have fixed this issue in particular, but I'm not 100% sure on full compatibility with the new prefab workflow. Mostly because I don't have enough experience with it yet myself.

I've pushed an update for 2019 to the asset store including this fix, will report back when the update is generally available.

ryangreen8 posted this 28 May 2019

Thanks so much! I'll check it out

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