Resizing Voxels to Match Unity Grid?

jwwaldre posted this 01 November 2015

Has anyone figured out the precise voxel size that will have a 32x32x32 volume line up with the Unity grid squares?

I'd like to use picavoxel with proTile2, but the only clean way to avoid seams is to match the grid that's already there.

Any thoughts? A voxel size of 0.03 looks close, but I'm not sure if anyone has figured out anything closer.

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GarethIW posted this 01 November 2015

Well, at default zoom the Unity grid is 10f for the major lines and 1f for the minor ones.

So, 1/32 = 0.03125 for a 32^3 volume to fit in a 1f^3 area.

Or, you could try having your tiles as 25^3 volumes, which would scale nicely to where a voxel size of 0.04f = 1f^3. All depends whether you want even or odd number of voxels per tile.

jwwaldre posted this 01 November 2015

That's perfect. Thank you.

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