RigIt! Workflow V1.1

Hello people, the last couple of weeks I've worked for my current project on a workflow and scripts for rigging a PicaVoxel object using Qubicle, Blender and - no wonder - PicaVoxel. As I thought it would be useful for others as well, I'm hereby releasing it to all PicaVoxel owners. It enables you to combine PicaVoxel objects with Unity avatar setups and so to animate multipart voxel models via Mechanim.

As a bonus, the asset also contains an importer for the new Qubicle Binary Tree format to take automation even further. I've tried to write the workflow as detailed as possible without being bloated. I've tested as much as possible, but I'm sure there's lots of room for improvement. Out of need for my project, I'll go on to extend this further, so expect more in the future.

If you got any comments, requests, bugs etc. please feel free to contact me via the mail adress you can find in the workflow document. Looking forward to your feedback.

Now go and get the asset here (if you're interested that is): http://www.outeregions.de/upload/RigIt!WorkflowV1.1.unitypackage

Last edited 15 April 2017