runtime qb file import and others.

Pixellore posted this 26 October 2015

ok bought the pakage and been playing with it for a short while.

is it possible to import qb file during runtime?

also is there some kind of import config setting we can make/use of so we can have different setting for different purposes? or an import callback to tag along to do my post import setting, such as setting the layer of the imported model etc...

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GarethIW posted this 26 October 2015

You can do whatever you like, to be honest - all the code you need is there.

To import a QB at runtime, you'll need to make your own copy of the code in QubicleImporter.cs / FromQubicle() and change it so that it works with a prefab that you will need to include in your project (a blank PicaVoxel Volume prefab). You'll also need to remove the parts that deal with Mesh asset deleting (the part starting around line 64).

You could easily add your own post-import callback in as well. The best place to do this would be at the end of FromQubicle(), or at the end of both of the QubicleImport() methods.

If you need me to get super-specific and/or write some code to do this for you I can, but I can't promise I'll get to it quickly (I'm really busy with day-job and other projects right now). If you try it for yourself and get stuck, reply back with specific problems and I'll try to help.

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