Saving a volume created during runtime

Siedge posted this 15 February 2016

I am generating and populating a mesh through code. Would be possible to save it as a prefab with the data stored? (I tried but it doesn't save the mesh or the voxel data)

Thanks for the help in advance!

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GarethIW posted this 15 February 2016

You can use Frame.ToCompressedByteArray() and Frame.FromCompressedByteArray() to save and load the contents of a frame's voxel array at runtime.

If you wanted to get that data back into a volume at edit time... that would be more difficult, but possible. You would have to do the following:

  1. Save the byte array to a file at runtime
  2. Extend the volume editor inspector (VolumeInspector.cs) to provide a button to open your saved file (you can use a button combined with a file dialog to do this, look at the editor windows for importing Magica/Cubicle for an idea), read the byte array and then pass it to Frame.FromCompressedByteArray.
  3. Re-create all chunks (Volume.CreateChunks())

Your edit-time volume would have to the same dimensions as your runtime volume.

Edit: to answer more directly; I don't know of any way to alter the contents of a prefab at runtime so that it is persisted when going back into edit-time. That's more of a general Unity issue though.

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Siedge posted this 15 February 2016

You answered my question perfectly. Thank you for the continued help you have provided!

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