Saying Goodbye to PicaVoxel

GarethIW posted this 3 weeks ago

After five fantastic years on the Asset Store and with great sadness, I've decided to deprecate PicaVoxel.

If you've recently purchased the asset within the Asset Store refund window (2 weeks), you're welcome to a refund by sending your Order Number to me at Realistically, I should be able to get you a refund if you purchased anytime after December 1st, 2019.

PicaVoxel always included full source code, so if you've purchased any of the iterations of PicaVoxel over the years, you will still be able to download the asset and update/improve it yourself!

I'll be leaving these forums up as long as I'm able to (Azure hosting costs are no joke!), but will likely shut them down in a few months and redirect the website and email to my personal page/email.

Due to life commitments, I can no longer keep up with the cadence of updates on the Unity Editor. I recently discovered that my support for the new Prefab workflow (in 2019.1) isn't quite where it needs to be and probably needs a fair bit of work to get it there. I can no longer spare the kind of time needed. And quite frankly, I haven't used the new prefab workflow enough to even understand how it should work!

There are also a lot of changes coming to unity (SRP, DOTS, ECS, completely new editor) that mean that PicaVoxel needs to become something else entirely really.

It's been an absolute blast helping you folks make awesome games with PicaVoxel.

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GarethIW posted this 3 weeks ago

I'm also considering making PicaVoxel available to all as open-source on a Github repo. I won't have the time to manage this myself, but if you're interested in managing an open-source version of PicaVoxel going forward please let me know (

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