Shadows on Mobile ?

SouthpawBob posted this 06 August 2015

This package looks great and I'm probably going to buy it, but do the shadows work on android and ios? Is there anyway you can make apk's of the demos available?

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GarethIW posted this 07 August 2015


Thanks for considering PicaVoxel!

If you're referring to the SSAO-like shading on the voxel models then yes, they work on mobile as the shadows use a vertex colour gradient that is baked into the mesh when it is generated. This has an intensity level of 0-1. It looks a little different now to the screenshots on the asset store and the web demos (which I need to get around to updating). See attached screenshot.

As far as making APKs available goes - it's not something I have time for right now. To make them available properly I would need to add mobile controls and appropriate screen resolutions and so on. Somehow I also don't have a single piece of Android hardware to test on. I should probably get around to that.

If you buy a copy and it ends up not being suitable, then just fire off an email to and request a refund, and I'll be happy to put it through for you. You'll just need to do it within two weeks - them's the Asset Store rules!

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