Unity Error with Explode Script

jwwaldre posted this 01 November 2015

Last question today - I promise.

When using the explode script in Unity 5, I get the expected result (boom), with the exception that all the generated particles are black.

Simultaneously, I get the following error: "Material doesn't have a color property '_Tint' UnityEngine.Material.GetColor(String)", which I assume is related.

So, it seems like the explosion script is having trouble grabbing the color of the voxels, although I'm not sure what would cause the problem - as I'm using the default materials/shaders/voxel volume/etc.


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GarethIW posted this 01 November 2015

Yeah sorry, this is a known bug in 1.4. You have two choices to work around it:

  1. Use the PicaVoxel Diffuse material instead of the default PicaVoxel PBR
  2. Change line 462 of PicaVoxel/Scripts/Volume.cs from:

    Color tint = Material.GetColor("_Tint");


Color tint = Color.white;

This will be fixed in the next release.

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