Unity3D 2019 Update

youg3 posted this 23 April 2019

Just to bring to everyone's attention since it doesn't seem to have been mentioned already, some warnings come up with the latest Unity3D build when importing the PicaVoxel packing.

enter image description here

I haven't looked for solutions yet, just wanted to open the space to discuss potential workarounds/solutions.

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GarethIW posted this 23 April 2019

Mostly just warnings due to the new prefab system.

I've tested the package and all the demos in 2019.1 and everything seems to be working, so I'm not going to rush a patch out.

I will put out a 2019.1 patch at some point with SRP shaders and various fixes and optimisations I've made over the last year, but I don't have an eta right now.

If anyone finds any showstopping bugs in the meantime let me know and I can fix them.

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youg3 posted this 24 April 2019

Sweet! I'll continue playing around with it and see if anything comes up.

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