Voxel scale

Pixellore posted this 30 October 2015

Is it possible to have different scaled voxels?

For example if I want "terrain" voxel to have certain unit size in Unity and have characters to have different unit size (to give more detail)

If this is possible , how does explode script and accessing the voxel data work across different scaled voxel volume?

Also, can I just use transform to scale the voxel volume?


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GarethIW posted this 30 October 2015

There is a scale setting (Voxel Size) on each volume. Every volume can have a different size.

The exploding algorithm is aware of the voxel size and works as expected. It also takes the rotation of the volume into account, if you were wondering about that as well.

You should not use transform to scale the voxels if you are using collision detection/explosions.

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