Warnings in Console after updating to PicaVoxel 1.4.6

ChildGodOfTerminus posted this 22 June 2016

Hi there.

I just updated to 1.4.6 this evening, gritting my teeth a bit because I really need to implement some source control really soon... :)

I'm getting a warning whenever a GameObject with a shader from PicaVoxel applied is shown in the Inspector:

Could not create a custom UI for the shader 'PicaVoxel/PicaVoxel PBR OneMinus Alpha Emissive'. The shader has the following: 'CustomEditor = ShaderForgeMaterialInspector'. Does the custom editor specified include its namespace? And does the class either derive from ShaderGUI or MaterialEditor? UnityEditor.DockArea:OnGUI()

This doesn't actually seem to be causing me any problems... I still see the sliders to manipulate the shader and so forth. But the accumulated warnings are an annoyance and stressing me out a bit. ;-)

I'm using Unity 5.3.5f1 (Personal)

Any idea what's up? Thanks!

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ChildGodOfTerminus posted this 22 June 2016

...is there any reason I can't just comment out the CustomEditor line in each of the shaders? I tested it on one and it doesn't seem to do any harm. I'm just worried about being bitten later because I know next to nothing about Shaders.

GarethIW posted this 22 June 2016

That was exactly what I was about to tell you to do :)

The shaders are built with ShaderForge and the CustomEditor line makes it easier for anyone with SF to open the shader for editing from the shader's inspector.

Usually I comment out the CustomEditor lines when I package up, but I forgot to do so in the last patch (easy to miss as I don't get the warnings with SF installed).

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