WebGL PBR Mosaic Shader not working

Satyre posted this 19 May 2016

Hey guys, I've recently found a problem with the usage of the PBR Mosaic Shader.

It seems that the lighting (even when backed) will not be saved or shown, when exporting the game to webGL. I've checked how to use the right lighting configuration for WebGL but, only objects with the mentioned shader are black.

Can you help with this issue?

The pic 1 in the attachement is the WebGL one. The other pic is from the desktop build.

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GarethIW posted this 20 May 2016


Just a quick courtesy reply to say that I'm currently crunching on my game for an expo on Sunday, so I'll be taking a look at this on Monday.

Just to let you know, all the PicaVoxel PBR shaders (including Mosaic) are built with ShaderForge, so if you have SF you may be able to fix it just by loading up the shader in SF and playing with the compilation platform options.

If not, as I say, I'll take a look on Monday :)

Satyre posted this 20 May 2016

Thanks, I don't own ShaderForge yet ;)

But, there is no need for a hurry for this, at least for me. It would be great, if it can be fixed in an upcoming update. So other users will not get the same issue.

Greetings :)

GarethIW posted this 23 May 2016

Hopefully this will do the trick for you:


enter image description here

Satyre posted this 23 May 2016

It does work. Thank your very much :)

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